9 Future Technologies That Will Shape Tomorrow’s World

Sean Michael Malatesta Future Technologies

Today, technology is emerging at such an accelerated pace that year-end prophecies of trends can seem out-of-date before they even go live as written blogs or articles. As technology emerges, it facilitates even quicker development and advancement, prompting the expedition of the rate of transformation, until ultimately, it will become exponential. So with a highly experienced and versatile business leader – Sean Michael Malatesta, let’s find out which of today’s technologies will shape tomorrow’s world.

Artificial Intelligence

Sean Michael Malatesta Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has already been arrived in the areas of finance, transportation, telecommunications, and aviation. Such future technologies can shape tomorrow’s world in a new and rehabilitated form. Also, there is a rising applicability of artificial intelligence in many industries. With its consistent capacity for reflection, understanding, and intention it has already taken the place of humans in many areas. Through this extraordinary technology, one can easily improve productivity and work at least amount of time.

Assisted Transportation

Sean Michael Malatesta Assisted Transportation

While the concept of thoroughly independent, self-driving vehicles might yet be some meters away, frequently automated compensation is fascinating berth in both private and corporate vehicles. Assisted transportation is previously very beneficial in phases of ample identification and is asphalting the way for completely autonomous vehicles. This technology is extremely reliant on extensive learning accelerators for video recognition.

Smart Robotics

Sean Michael Malatesta Robotics

Future technologies like smart robotics will be a great time for social mobility. Smart robots will improve human labour by its advanced technologies of work in the various manufacturing fields and will enhance the quality of work. In fact, robots have been mitigating pharmacologist’s workloads in various amenities.

Block Chain

Sean Michael Malatesta Block Chain

Block chain is one out of those future technologies, the decentralized ledger that endures together crypto currencies, has applicability stretching considerably exceeding economic affairs. Businesses have implemented the technology to everything, from clarifying tracking and access to knowledge in academia to fascinating and humorous games that use complicated algorithms to generate unparalleled experiences.

Predicting Preemies

Sean Michael Malatesta Predicting Preemies

Regular blood testing can foretell if women giving birth to a baby is at risk or not. It is clear that that the genetic material in our body lives inside our cells. But petite sums of “cell-free” DNA and RNA also swim in our blood, often rescued by falling cells. In pregnant women, that cell-free material is an alphabet soup of nucleic acids from the foetus, the placenta, and the mother. A bioengineer has discovered a way to use that to catch one of medicine’s most recalcitrant difficulties: approximately one in 10 babies born prematurely.

Gut Probe in a Pill

Technology has made its presence in such a way that now even a small pill in the gut can tell you about the movements of the gut without anaesthesia. This device is frequently a pill which can be consumed by both the adults as well as the children. And after consumption, it captures the detailed information and pictures of your gut.

Smarter Fertilizers

Sean Michael Malatesta Smarter fertilizers

Modern advancements in fertilizers have converged on their capacity to gradually clear nutrients when required. Nevertheless, they yet hold ammonia, urea, and potash which contaminate the atmosphere. New fertilizers use more ecologically friendly sources of nitrogen and microorganisms that improve take-up by plants.

Deep Learning Accelerators

Such as GPUs, FPGAs, and more lately TPUs. More businesses have been advertising programs to compose their private accelerators which are extensively used in data centers. There is also a chance to expand them at the end, originally for reasoning and inadequate practice over time. This also incorporates accelerators for very low power devices. The evolution of these technologies will allow device learning to be practiced in many IoT devices and apparatuses.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Sean Michael Malatesta Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) engages the user in an ecosystem while Augment Reality (AR) magnifies their surroundings. Although VR has essentially been practiced for gaming thus far, it has also been used for preparation, as with virtual ship, a simulation software used to train U.S. Navy, Army and Coast Guard ship captains. The popular game Pokémon Go is an example of AR. This future technology will take a relevant place in the coming future.

According to a highly experienced and versatile business leader – Sean Michael Malatesta, these were the top 9 emerging future technologies that will shape tomorrow’s world.


Tips To Become a Millionaire in 3 Years

sean michael malatesta millionaire

It doesn’t make a difference where you as of now are in your budgetary circumstance — regardless of whether simply beginning or previously profiting.  Sean Michael Malatesta share exclusive tips to become a millionaire in 3 years.

The vast majority, regardless of what their salary, are stepping water. As an individual’s pay rises, so does their spending.

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6 Things You Must Know Before Starting A Business

sean michael malatesta start a business

Do you know the key to get success in building a successful business? According to Sean Michael Malatesta, hard work is the key! Most people think money is all you need to start a business, but in reality, there are many things you need to start a business. Let’s explore with Sean Michael Malatesta.

Choose The Business as Per Your Interest

sean michael malatesta Choose business as per your interest

Before starting a business, it is necessary to evaluate your interest and skills. For instance, you have a degree in marketing, and you love to play with technology, digital marketing business is right for you. In short, choose a product or business line in which you are interested. Also, make sure you must have an innovative and creative business idea. In the end, if you have a good idea, you can easily lead to a competitive environment.

Money is Not Everything

sean michael malatesta Money is Not Everything

To run a business you need capital, but to run a successful business you need something more than money. In simple words, money is something but not everything. You need to build a strong business model to generate cash flow regularly. Once you invested money in a business, it will generate revenue only if your business strategies are strong and reliable. So, instead of focusing on capital, give more attention to your business idea to generate cash flow.

Customer is The Priority

sean michael malatesta Customer is The Priority

In every industry, the customer is considered as a king. And why not? After all, they are the one who can build or break your business. According to most leaders, including Sean Michael Malatesta, customers are the one who makes us and our business. Therefore, it is advisable for you to keep your customer as your priority. And always remember customer satisfaction should be your ultimate goal.

Start Saving Early

sean michael malatesta Start Saving Early

Almost every leader has one common belief, and that is – Saving at an early age. As soon as you start saving, you can easily use your saving as capital to start your business. Every business needs funds, but in most cases, it becomes difficult to apply for a business loan. Therefore, savings from the beginning helps a lot when you need funds to start your venture.

The Owner and Business are Two Different Things

sean michael malatesta business owner

As an entrepreneur, you should always keep your business and personal expenses separate. Never use your business revenue for personal use. Remember, a successful businessman is the one who considers himself as an employee or shareholder in his own business.

Choose a Right Mentor

sean michael malatesra Right Mentor

In the beginning, every individual needs a mentor who can guide and help throughout the journey. The right mentor will make everything easier for you, so make sure you choose someone who should have a strong track record in the industry as an entrepreneur.

Final Words

These are the few important things that you must know before starting a business. To become a leader like Sean Michael Malatesta, you must follow these tips. If you think we have missed any important point, feel free, to share with us.

Los Angeles Now Largest U.S. City To Include LGBTQ Businesses In Contracts

sean michael malatesta los angeles business

Sean michael malatesta The City of Los Angeles has joined Orlando, Nashville and Baltimore in officially including organizations claimed by individuals from the lesbian, gay, androgynous, transgender and strange network in the agreement procedure. It’s a move including billions of dollars.

The arrangement endorsed by the city not just gives LGBTQ organizations openings in contracting and obtainment, yet in addition for limit building and instructive projects from private ventures. What’s more, L.A. is presently the country’s biggest region, as far as both populace and economy, to do as such. As indicated by CNBC, Chicago and New York City might be straightaway, with approaches like L.A’s. underway.

“California has an inheritance of authority in advancing inclusivity at each degree of open life,” said National LGBT Chamber of Commerce fellow benefactor and president Justin Nelson in an announcement. “Presently, history has been made here in Los Angeles, and this triumph for inclusivity has indeed demonstrated our guiding principle that ‘decent variety is useful for business’ and that ‘on the off chance that you can get it, a confirmed LGBT-claimed business can supply it.'”

Comparable contracts in L.A. have added up to as much as $8 billion crosswise over around 40 divisions, as per reports refered to by CNBC. Broadly, LGBTQ-possessed organizations contribute $1.7 trillion to the U.S. economy, make in excess of 33,000 occupations, and produce a normal income of $2,475,642. That is as indicated by the NGLCC.

“For LGBT residents of L.A., this comprehensive arrangement gives reasonable and equivalent access to contracting openings and monetary advancement programs that drive development, make occupations, and advance financial development all through the district,” said Nelson.

For more information : https://bit.ly/330i1UN

People in Business Must Know

Business people

Sean Michael Malatesta shares the facts which people in business must know:-

1. Cash is significant, yet insufficient.
2. Concentrate on individuals and their needs.
3. The proprietor is discrete from his business.
4. Pick the correct business for you.
5. Keep up a solid work-life balance.
6. Begin Saving Early.
7. Figure out how to oversee obligation better or avoid it.
8. Locate a decent guide.

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Los Angeles, Southern California Affect With 6.9 Magnitude Earthquake

Sean Michael Malatesta : California Earthquake : 6.9 greatness seismic tremor struck Southern California on Friday night, the second in under two days.

The tremor was focused close Ridgecrest, area of the July fourth 6.4 extent quake that was the biggest in almost 20 years.

That tremor caused minor harm and wounds around the focal point.

This shake was a lot bigger.


At the point when Thursday’s shake hit, researchers had cautioned that it could prompt a bigger shudder. Ridgecrest had been shaken by various consequential convulsions throughout the most recent day, including a 5.4 greatness quake on Friday morning.

This shake was bigger than the dangerous 1994 Northridge shudder, which estimated 6.6 extent. In any case, that earthquake happened in a urban region, while the current week’s enormous shakes happened 100 miles from L.A.

The last shake of this size happened in 1999 in the Hector Mines region of the Mojave Desert. In light of its separation from Los Angeles, it didn’t cause significant harm or wounds.

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4 Qualities You Must Have To Become a Powerful Leader

Becoming a successful leader takes a lot of years, hard work, and skills. Working hard all day and night to adopt a number of skills are actually help individual to become a leader. Being an entrepreneur is easy, but being a leader is not everyone’s cup of tea.

If you are an entrepreneur and wants to become a leader, makes sure you possess the required skills and qualities that every leader should possess.

Let’s find out what are the qualities you must possess to become a successful and powerful leader with Sean Michael Malatesta.



Self-awareness is a quality every leader must possess, as it is very important for an individual to evaluate his own strengths and weaknesses.

Most times it can be seen how entrepreneurs and leaders go extra miles to cover up their weaknesses–instead of accepting them openly that is necessary to improve and develop. Or even sometimes they fail to evaluate their strength and weakness in result their business often suffers as a result.



Every effective leader should possess the quality of a quick decision maker. Most entrepreneurs need to understand that sometimes no decision is also a decision.  Sometimes we get scared in making a wrong decision and postpone taking action. Eventually which creates more problem.

Therefore, it is necessary for effective leaders to learn this lesson. And if they successfully learn this lesson, they can swiftly and confidently make decisions.

So are you ready to face challenges take decisions that can change your life and make you a powerful leader?



Enthusiasm is a very important quality of a leader. An individual becomes a leader when people look at him as an example, as a mentor, and so on. And to play the role of a mentor, you should be enthusiastic. If you are enthusiastic and confident, then only people will follow you.

No employee will want to work for someone whose actions and words does not go hand in hand. What you preach you must follow, then only people will like to work with you. In short, the job of a leader is not to tell, but to show what actually enthusiasm and a true commitment is to people around you.



A wise man once said- respect should be earned instead of demanding. And according to experts, this is the definition of integrity.

Integrity is about standing for something right, whether you need to stand alone. And setting an example within your organization. After all, a company’s culture created by a leader tells a lot about him and his virtues.

Final Thoughts

Are you ready to become a strong leader who can lead the industry and create an example in the corporate world? If yes, then remember to adopt these few best qualities in order to become a successful leader. When people look for leaders they look for such qualities in them. So if you want to become a successful leader like Sean Michael Malatesta, make sure you possess these qualities.