Successful Entrepreneur Share Best Business Advice

Building a business is a dream of almost every individual, but what they do to make it a reality makes all the difference. Needless to say, being an entrepreneur gives you financial freedom, independence, work/life balance and much more. However, nothing comes easy, not even success. According to successful leader Sean Michael Malatesta, life is too short to learn everything from your own mistakes. In other words, you should never miss an opportunity to learn from others as well.

So here are few best business advice from the successful entrepreneurs that you must implement to reach new heights.

Analyze What Your Audience Are Interested In


To make your business successful you need to focus on customer’s needs and requirements. Find out what your audience is seeking when it comes to product and services and create your product accordingly. If you create a product that people actually looking for, will definitely help you to generate huge revenue.

Choose Different Ways To Entertain your Existing Audience And Customers


Once you are able to increase your conversion rates, make sure you focus on them instead of making new customers. A successful mantra for every business – first satisfy your existing customer before you make a new customer. You can create new content or new programs or even you can promote new offers for your existing customers. It will help you to keep your audience interested in your product and service. Also, this way you can promote a business to a great extent and can earn huge revenue from your existing customers.

Build Your Brand


A great brand is a soul of your business and it describes who you are and what you stand for in the marketplace. Therefore, you need to focus on building a strong brand that should appeal to your target audience. Credibility and uniqueness are two important criteria that you must consider while building your brand as it will improve your business reputation.

Create Facebook Groups Around Your Business


Nowadays everyone uses social media channel to reach their potential audience. Indeed. Today the Facebook group is not just a group, it’s a community and most successful businesses have organically grown it to over a huge number in recent years. The Facebook group not only help you to promote your business but also allow you to collaborate with other businesses. However, to create a strong you need to create good, logical, and content. In addition, a trusted brand always fetch more followers.

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Latest Mobile Apps for Business Leaders

For every business leader, it is essential to stay on the top of things and must know how to manage the business while sitting anywhere in the world.  Nowadays being an entrepreneur is easy, but being a leader is not an easy job. If you want to survive in the long run, learn to be a leader instead of being an entrepreneur. A leader is someone who keeps himself updated with new ideas and technology. And know how to use them to lead the industry.

Let’s explore a few latest mobile apps that every business leader should use to lead and succeed in the industry with Sean Michael Malatesta.



Evernote is an app that every entrepreneur or leader should have in his phone. With this app, an individual can add links, send attachments, and able to create notes and checklists. The best thing about this app is it is a collaborative tool. In other words, anyone in your team can edit, share, and work together on created notes. Even user can add or create sketches, audio, web clippings, and another type of notes related to the specific project.

Also, with this app, you can use the camera of your phone to scan, digitize and organize various documents including handwritten notes, sketches, and business cards.



Slack is a very useful app for leaders in the corporate world. It allows you to collaborate and communicate with your team in just one place. It also allows you to organize conversation according to particular topics, projects, and members involved. In result, every business leader can view conversation threads in a more efficient and easier manner.

In this app, you can assimilate various tools including Google Drive, Salesforce, Twitter, Dropbox, and many more. To avoid any kind of disruptions, it allows you to customize the notification. By doing this you can reduce the number of alerts you receive.



Mint is the free financial app allows you to create budgets inserting visually engaging charts and graphs. Also, this tool is useful to track spending across multiple accounts.

If you want to monitor all expenses and purchases you made with your debit or credit card, this budgeting tool is the right option for you. It also offers various handy finance-related features which include cost breakdowns, balance monitoring, and managing payments.



No doubt LinkedIn is the most popular networking site for professionals. Also, this platform allows you to further expand your network. CityHour is another popular app that has been getting rave reviews from users.

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Successful Tips For Entrepreneurs

In the present time, right Business development strategies proves to be the fastest means to flourish any type of business. Entrepreneurs assume business development term means differently to a different organization. However, Its core motive behind is same that is simply ‘Growth’ in all endeavors. The right strategies of Entrepreneurs can surely take up business to unprecedented levels. According to Sean Michael Malatesta, Entrepreneurs need proper planning and executions for business development. Some of the valuable tips for Entrepreneurs to be successful are listed below-

Value Relationships


A commonly known fact is that a repeat customer spends much more than a new customer. Hence it is advisable to never let your relationship go cold with the old customers or trusted clients. Many Successful Business owners claim that they have produced the majority of their profits through their long term customers. Try to connect and engage with your old customers through social media, somehow show up to them quarterly. Always value the trust and relationship with loyal clients, long term alliance always pays off to business.

Boost Business Development Skills


Entrepreneurs are asked to sharpen their business development skills every now and then. The reason being they need to focus on proper planning for enhancing business goals and keeping them consistent. Some of the simpler Business strategies, when implemented correctly by entrepreneurs, can help to hit the ground running. Hence, it is advised to implement rightly so that it pays big dividends.

Look for Business


Ask for business, while you met with a prospect, convey that you are ready to provide the services to the company. Try to add “What steps are to be taken to get started?” it will show confidence in the value of your services. Surely this would be an honest and direct approach that will let you know your customer feedback. So, that you can look up for new ones and engage with potential clients.

Check for Online Reviews


When you want to know where your product and services stand, look for online reviews given by your own customers. Needless to say, whenever looking for a service we as a customer turn to online reviews first prior to starting off. In short, we simply rely on online reviews the same as we do on personal suggestions. Hence, Entrepreneurs ought to check for and respond to the reviews when needed. Showing concern for your business will create goodwill and attract potential customers. 

Beat Your Rivals



Always try to be available for the buyers, as it is known that customers choose the ones that are first to respond to them. Entrepreneurs should be clear that development is everyone’s concern and to beat your competitors you need to stand one. Effective measures should be adopted so that customers are handled effectively. Truly, consistency in efforts can make all the difference in winning and losing.

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5 Smart Tips For Business Development

Every entrepreneur wants to grow his business, but very few understand what it takes to build and grow a successful business. Do you have any idea what it takes to grow a successful business? Well, according to Sean Michael Malatesta, business development is the key to run and build a successful business in a competitive environment.

So find out few best tips for business development that can make your leading game strong.

Keep eye on competitors


How much you know about your competitors is very important to consider to lead in the industry for successful business. You must know what they are offering and at what price, about their target market, their customers’ preference, etc. It will help you to offer a better product or service. If you want to stand out in a crowd, you need to think out of the box. And this is only possible if you can bring innovation to your product or service. Keeping an eye on competitors can be proved as the most powerful business development tool.

Enhance Value and Build Trust


Instead of being money minded, focus on building a relationship with customers. Adding value to every relationship, with potential customers play a key role in business growth. You can do this by offering useful information and knowledge, by performing a role of an advisor, by keeping customers satisfaction as a first priority, and by having a good reputation in the market for providing excellent service.

By considering this approach any business can build trust and goodwill which actually contribute to business development. However, building trust is a slow process, but worth your effort and time. Nowadays costumers are very smart, they choose you for your actions not for your words. So, it is your responsibility to show your words in your actions.  It will help you to influence people mindset and eventually contribute to business development.

Keep an Eye on Online Reviews


Nowadays the good or bad reviews about the company decide its growth and success in the industry. Customers who use your service or product give rating and reviews on an online platform. At the same time, your prospective customer may be reading your online reviews before approaching you for service. So, keep this in mind and set up Google alert for your company. It will help you monitor and respond to customers review whenever necessary. Being active in reverting back to customer’s feedback shows a caring attitude. Eventually, help in building goodwill and attract new customers.

Be creative with your website


If you want to increase conversion rates make sure your website is up to date. A customer who visits your website may not get impressed if it only provides basic information about you and your products and services. It may increase your bounce rates instead of conversion rates. Therefore, it is advisable for you to use the latest designs, trends for your website including video content, blogs, and much more. The first impression of your website can break or make your sales growth.

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5 Steps to A Perfectly Written Business Plan

Do you know how to design a successful business plan? Does your business plan have the power to fetch the investors, creditors, and consumers? According to Sean Michael Malatesta, to rule the industry, it is very essential for a business to prepare, follow, and implement a business plan in order to reach the heights in the corporate world. Every year number of companies enter the industry, but very few have the power to sustain and succeed. Do you know why? Because they prepare a strategy, that they follow and implement every single time.

Business Plan

So, here’s five steps in writing a perfect business plan.

  1. Research, Research, Research

Before you prepare a business plan, “Research and analyze your product, is the first thing every business must do.

“To design the perfect plan, you must study the details of your company, your product, your competition and the market closely.”

In short, it is the responsibility of the management to know everything they can do for their business and every detail about the industry that are entering. Whether it is about rival companies, consumer preference, or demand and supply.

  1. Determine the purpose of your plan

According to an Entrepreneur, a business plan is a written document describing the nature of the business, the financial background, and the sales and marketing strategy, and containing a projected profit and loss statement. However, your business plan is used for several different purposes.

A business plan is kind of a roadmap that helps business to lead in the industry. So, when you define your plan, make sure you have defined your goals specifically.

  1. Create a company profile

The company profile must include the history of your organization, your target market and audience, the products or services you offer, your resources, your problem-solving strategy, and much more. When you have crafted your company profile, give more time to about page.

The company’s official website speaks a lot about company profile and various businesses used it to fetch possible customers. Therefore, make sure your profile is enough to describe your company in your business plan. Consider it as an essential element of your business plan, and remember it is one of the first written parts of the plan.

  1. Document all aspects of your business

Every investor invests in your business if he is confident that your business is going to make them money. And because of this expectation, investors deserve to know everything about your business. Therefore, to make it easy, it is advisable to attach a document which includes everything like expenses, cash flow, and industry projections. Also, don’t forget to include minor details like your location strategy and licensing agreements.

  1. Have a strategic marketing plan in place

A great business plan should include a strategic marketing plan. It includes achieving marketing objectives like;

  • Description of new products
  • Extend or regain a market for an existing product
  • Enter new regions for the company
  • Strategy to increase sales of a particular product, and its price range.
  • Signing long-term contracts with desirable clients
  • Increase prices without cutting into sales figures
  • Refine a product
  • Implementing a content marketing strategy

Final Words

Nothing comes easy, not even success, but if you implement these tips while making your business plan, you can create a win-win situation for your business. So, don’t think much and follow these tips to rule like a Sean Michael Malatesta in the industry.

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What Ways to Get Your Business Funded in 2018?


Funding is the fuel on which any industry operates. In fact, your corporate without funding will splash under the burden of its own debt. Luckily, there are a lot of ways to fund your startup says Sean Malatesta.

Businesses can take different paths in order to attain funding. Depending on what kind of corporate you are running, the marketing opportunities, you can adapt funding search and your tactic.

Let’s explore some ways of getting fund for your startup:

Create a corporate plan:

There is a need to have the clear understanding of how you plan to run the corporate. Having a proper plan secure will increase the chances of securing funds. Moreover, the companies having a corporate plan have the higher growth rates. Therefore, creating a plan is the very first step toward getting the best startup funding option. Your corporate plan must have the clear description of your industry.

Visit the local bank:

You should visit the bank you use for personal banking needs. Set up an appointment with a loan officer. Get ready with your corporate plan. Elucidate the loan officer how much money you need and for what you will use it. Do not get upset if the bank denies your business loan application. You can try other banks and financial institutions if your first stop is abortive.

Consider friends and family:

Asking friends and family for money are also one of the startup funding sources. Unlike the bank, you will be capable to get some money from your loved ones without having to recompense any interest.

Venture capitalists:

Being startup, you can also secure funds from venture capitalists. These firms invest in the early stage of businesses in exchange for an equity share. Hence, if you have decided to take this avenue, be ready to give away a portion of your industry. And this is not always a bad thing. Venture capitalists also provide some other resources that can contribute to the victory of the company. But comprehend that these firms only structure these deals if they are in their favor.

Angel investors:

These investors are the entrepreneur or former entrepreneur themselves. Actually, money is these individuals motivation emphasis Sean Michael Malatesta. So, they genuinely take interest in your industry as well as the evolution and development of specific industries. Finding right angel investors means you can benefit from their expert advice and management skills. These groups provide funding to the industries when they are in the initial stage. Whereas, venture capitalists typically look in order to get involved a little bit later.


In this digital era, it is great to take advantage of the online available resources. You should crowdfund the websites to raise capital. Furthermore, you can consider some other alternative websites like Circle Up, Fundable etc. If the project is sponsored in an exact way, you can increase a lot of money.

Use your personal savings:

You can also consider funding the startup on your own. If you have saved money for some big purchase, you could use it to launch business instead. However, it can be risky as you won’t have a penny if your corporate is unsuccessful.

Look for the strategic partner:

Finding a strategic partner for your startup can help hasten the growth of your corporate. This is because your strategic partner can introduce new ideas as well as a unique solution to the table.

Wrapping Up

Every one of us does not have enough money to get the startup off the ground. Above are some startup funding options shared by Sean Michael Malatesta. Getting a loan from the bank, asking friends or family for help, venture capitalists, angel investors, crowdfunding are some options that you should consider.

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What are the Best Financing Options for Franchising a Business?

Opening a franchise needs a substantial investment of capital which includes a hefty franchise fee along with continuing payments and marketing expenses. Every individual does not have access to that kind of cash says, Sean Michael Malatesta.

Are you looking to invest in a franchise? If yes, then you are at right place. Actually, finding the corporate loan to fund your franchise asset is challenging as you have to navigate the numerous options available. In this article, you will get the information how you can finance the purchase for a new franchise.

Let’s have a look:

Franchisor financing:

If you want to invest in a franchise, your conversation should be direct with the franchisors. You should ask them for recommendations. Actually, they can have the contract with lenders in order to approve a loan. In fact, they can also help in shortening the process and help you open sooner.

Also, some franchisors will endow debt financing themselves. You can check this in the franchise disclosure document. Ask the franchisor if they can help in financing. Lessening the upfront cost will leave you more dough to keep your franchise profitable and developing.

SBA loans:

Another option to consider while financing a franchise is Small Business Administration’s Loan program. These loans follow the similar model to old-style term loans from a bank or alternate lender.

SBA has reduced the risk to lenders by assuring a portion of the loan amount with lower interest rates and longer repayment terms. Hence, if you have a good credit score to apply for the loan, then you should certainly apply for the loan. However, keep in mind that prerequisite standards can be strict as well as the application process is long.

Commercial bank loans:

One more way to finance the purchase of your franchise is to apply for traditional term loan from a bank. Under this model, a bank or lender provide your lump sum of cash up front which you have to repay in monthly instalments over a specific period of time emphasis Sean Michael Malatesta.

While applying for the commercial loan to buy a franchise, the lender will review your corporate plan and credit history. Actually, the lender uses these documents to evaluate your creditworthiness. You can assume that the stronger your credit history, better the terms and interest rate for your term loan to finance a franchise.


If no franchise financing option is available then obtaining finance may require some creativity. One of the latest and creative ways of financing franchise is through crowdfunding.

You have to set up and promote your own crowdfunding page. Moreover, you can look toward particular organizations that crowdfund for businesses and franchises. There are a lot of websites that crowdfund for specific industries and business types. Crowdfunding is the best option if you have a bad credit history and you are not satisfied with the loan products and interest rates for which you qualify.

Wrapping Up

Sean Michael Malatesta – A corporate leader has given the above franchise financing options to the entrepreneurs. With all these funding options, select a path that is right for you as well as your corporate. Be careful, thorough and resourceful with the funding plan and your franchise investment will definitely flourish.

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