Los Angeles, Southern California Affect With 6.9 Magnitude Earthquake

Sean Michael Malatesta : California Earthquake : 6.9 greatness seismic tremor struck Southern California on Friday night, the second in under two days.

The tremor was focused close Ridgecrest, area of the July fourth 6.4 extent quake that was the biggest in almost 20 years.

That tremor caused minor harm and wounds around the focal point.

This shake was a lot bigger.


At the point when Thursday’s shake hit, researchers had cautioned that it could prompt a bigger shudder. Ridgecrest had been shaken by various consequential convulsions throughout the most recent day, including a 5.4 greatness quake on Friday morning.

This shake was bigger than the dangerous 1994 Northridge shudder, which estimated 6.6 extent. In any case, that earthquake happened in a urban region, while the current week’s enormous shakes happened 100 miles from L.A.

The last shake of this size happened in 1999 in the Hector Mines region of the Mojave Desert. In light of its separation from Los Angeles, it didn’t cause significant harm or wounds.

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4 Qualities You Must Have To Become a Powerful Leader

Becoming a successful leader takes a lot of years, hard work, and skills. Working hard all day and night to adopt a number of skills are actually help individual to become a leader. Being an entrepreneur is easy, but being a leader is not everyone’s cup of tea.

If you are an entrepreneur and wants to become a leader, makes sure you possess the required skills and qualities that every leader should possess.

Let’s find out what are the qualities you must possess to become a successful and powerful leader with Sean Michael Malatesta.



Self-awareness is a quality every leader must possess, as it is very important for an individual to evaluate his own strengths and weaknesses.

Most times it can be seen how entrepreneurs and leaders go extra miles to cover up their weaknesses–instead of accepting them openly that is necessary to improve and develop. Or even sometimes they fail to evaluate their strength and weakness in result their business often suffers as a result.



Every effective leader should possess the quality of a quick decision maker. Most entrepreneurs need to understand that sometimes no decision is also a decision.  Sometimes we get scared in making a wrong decision and postpone taking action. Eventually which creates more problem.

Therefore, it is necessary for effective leaders to learn this lesson. And if they successfully learn this lesson, they can swiftly and confidently make decisions.

So are you ready to face challenges take decisions that can change your life and make you a powerful leader?



Enthusiasm is a very important quality of a leader. An individual becomes a leader when people look at him as an example, as a mentor, and so on. And to play the role of a mentor, you should be enthusiastic. If you are enthusiastic and confident, then only people will follow you.

No employee will want to work for someone whose actions and words does not go hand in hand. What you preach you must follow, then only people will like to work with you. In short, the job of a leader is not to tell, but to show what actually enthusiasm and a true commitment is to people around you.



A wise man once said- respect should be earned instead of demanding. And according to experts, this is the definition of integrity.

Integrity is about standing for something right, whether you need to stand alone. And setting an example within your organization. After all, a company’s culture created by a leader tells a lot about him and his virtues.

Final Thoughts

Are you ready to become a strong leader who can lead the industry and create an example in the corporate world? If yes, then remember to adopt these few best qualities in order to become a successful leader. When people look for leaders they look for such qualities in them. So if you want to become a successful leader like Sean Michael Malatesta, make sure you possess these qualities.

5 Best Strategies To Drive Your Small Business Growth

Neil Haboush Montreal Canada

To lead in the corporate world it is necessary for every business to grow and succeed. Businesses can achieve growth and success when they have exceptionally unique strategies, especially if it is a startup. Basically, growth strategy means a plan that you leads to reach where you want to be from where you are at present.

Let’s explore a few best strategies to drive small business growth with Neil Haboush.

Market Penetration


Market penetration is the topmost tip and a growth strategy that most small business should consider. Basically, this strategy helps in visualizing the current product and the current market to evaluate how business can increase his market share. In this strategy, you have two options, one you can increase your market share by lowering your selling price. The second option you can try is promotional offers. You can also offer discounts to your existing and new customers…

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USA-Thailand Women’s World Cup Match Scores Ratings Gold For Fox Sports

Sean Michael Malatesta | USA annihilated Thailand in yesterday’s Women’s World Cup match, with a score of 13-0. It was not only a major win for team USA, but also for ratings at a 2.2/7. The matchup was the best-metered rating for a soccer telecast of any kind on an English language network since 2018 Men’s FIFA World Cup Final on Fox.

The match was +5% better than 2015’s equivalent 2.1/4 for USA and Australia and is +5% better than 2015’s equivalent 2.1/4 for USA and Australia that aired on FS1. It is, however, -24% below 2015’s average of a 2.9/5 for US Group Stage matches on FOX and FS1 which all aired in primetime.
Although this was a great Women’s World Cup victory for USA, fans started getting a tad irked at how the team celebrated each goal. By goal number 10, it was clear that USA had it in the bag, yet they were celebrating as if Thailand was only one goal behind.

The top five markets included Kansas City- 4.5/14; San Diego- 4.1/15; Tulsa- 3.7/9; Austin- 3.6/12; and Richmond- 3.6/9. The match-only portion of the telecast averaged a 2.4/7.

USA will next face off against Chile on June 16 followed by a matchup with Sweden on June 20. While you wait for Team USA to take the field on Sunday, you can check out today’s matches which include Nigeria vs. Korea Republic, Germany vs. Spain and France vs. Norway.

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About Sean Michael Malatesta

Sean Michael Malatesta is a successful Hollywood, Silicon Valley, content provider and transaction processor business development executive, incorporating worldwide contacts.


Pasadena, CA 91030
310-382-4191 sean.malatesta@gmail.com


  • Experienced and versatile business leader in mobile, advertising, video streaming, media, entertainment and technology sectors – focused on mobile, trans-media content, streaming movies, social advertising, payments, and interactive technologies
  • ● Successful Hollywood, Silicon Valley, content provider and transaction processor business development executive with worldwide contacts throughout the industries
    ● Significant international business development experience with proven cross-functional capability in strategic account management, M&A, sales, marketing, product marketing and product management.
    ● Maintains good relationships with VCs and investments banks
    ● Strong relationship, sales and presentation skills; self-starter and customer-centric leader
    ● Analytical, competitive, and tenacious with a positive do what-it-takes approach.
    ● Offers uncompromising ethics and integrity

Tech-savvy account management, finance and business development professional with proven 15 year digital track-record building strategic relationships, web-based product management in the digital media field, identifying and executing on new business opportunities to maximizing revenue, and selling in ideas and negotiating deals with top decision makers. Expert knowledge on social medial platforms. Analytical, competitive, and tenacious with a positive proactive approach.


Marengo Knoll, Inc.
Managing Executive 2009 – Present ​Los Angeles

Marengo is both a consulting group and digital producer, publisher and marketer of content spanning mobile phones and IPTV systems. Marengo develops and distributes games, mobile content and video (VOD & streaming) content across mobile phones and devices.

  • Currently actively distributing content in 50 countries
  • Operates apps on Roku, Amazon FIRE, iOS, Android, Facebook Apps and Google Play
  • Active knowledge on Video advertising, VAST technologies, ad insertion,
    Facebook mobile advertising schemes and plans
  • Social Utility expert having conducted marketing campaigns across the social
  • Manager of Profit/Loss, development/creative teams and product
  • Created financial business plans, budgets and product pricing models. Modeled financial, market and business data to increase revenue and reduce costs. Calculated and evaluated variances to improve outcomes.
  • Grew business from zero-revenue startup stage to $1 million annual
  • Serves as company spokesperson with media, industry analysts and other
    parties seeking official interviews or comment

Motopia USA LLC, ​a unit of Motopia Group Ltd. (Australia), Los Angeles

Managing Director, Business Development (2010-2011)

Motopia is a full service mobile software solutions provider. Spent a quick year building and publishing mobile phone content around the world. Ran and executed marketing campaigns across social media, mobile video advertising, Facebook and keywords.

Indiagames, Ltd. ​a UTV Enterprise ​Los Angeles (now owned by Disney)

VP Business Development & Strategy IG FUN LLC (2005-2010)

Lead a worldwide business development/corporate development and video licensing activities for a leading videogames publisher.

  • Proven track record of developing and leading deals to close multiple innovative Hollywood & game titles including BioShock, Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior & NBC’s The Office Games titles
  • Phone Carrier/Operator Dealings: AT&T, Qwest, Verizon Wireless,
    Sprint-Nextel, Cingular, T-Mobile USA, US Cellular, Alltel, Amp’d, Boost,
    Helio, VIVO, Hutch 3, Vodafone, Qualcomm, Claro, TIM, Movistar.
  • Business dealings with New Line Cinema, Sony Pictures, NBC Universal, 20th  Century Fox, Disney, Warner Brothers, EA, THQ, Activision, Playboy
    Enterprises, Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco, Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony-BMG, Universal Music.

Led and mentored sales and account management team in the identification and acquisition of new clients, development of strategic partnerships, and maximized revenue generation from product portfolio.

Managed and executed the Profit/Loss for the Americas & EMEA; exceeded goals & reported activities at an international board level. Oversaw Americas’ production studio consisting of developers and mobile sales & marketing staff and built out B2C storefront and managed all B2B relationships.

Assembled business relationships with mobile phone carriers, handset manufacturers, middleware software makers, and mobile aggregators. Identified new business opportunities by opening up new channels of distribution and driving licensing agreements.

Negotiated and constructed content licensing, including outbound video licensing, transactional, subscription, and device pre-load deals with almost all motion picture studios, talent agencies, videogame companies, record companies and television companies. Performed portfolio gap analysis and feasibility/business cases.

Developed the publishing business line. Interfaced with UTV and Tom Online/Hutchison Whampoa corporate development teams on merger & acquisition pursuit.

Provided oversight of Merger and Acquisitions and third party investments.

Analyzed markets, identified growth and decline patterns, and forecasted trends in digital and technological markets.

Mobile365, Inc. (formerly Mobileway); now Sybase365​San Mateo & Los Angeles
Director, Business Dev/Affairs (2003-2005)

Mobile365 is the leader in managing and monetizing mobile transactions across the globe. With direct connections to over 110+ mobile carriers, Mobile365 is unique in its unrivalled reach to 90% of the world’s mobile users. This global reach enables Mobile365 to guarantee partners and customers cost ef ective, secure deployment of mobile applications to both professional and personal mobile users.

  • Formed and managed significant partnerships with major media, content,
    agencies and telecom companies within Mobile365’s standard and strategic deal economic structure
  • Began, assembled, negotiated, closed, launched and account managed the
    Google SMS service (http://www.google.com/sms/)
  • Built and managed a successful sales team
  • Conceptualized and identified new business leads
  • Drafted and negotiated partnership contracts
  • Daily contact with VP North America and outside counsel to fit deal structure with correct business model framework
  • Performed portfolio and feasibility analysis
  • Served as expert resource on HTML, CSS, Javascript, Flash, and other web presentation technologies.
  • Identified, developed, delivered, prioritized, and managed content, technology, and distribution partnerships

DigiGuide Ltd. ​London
Director, Business Dev/Affairs (2002 – 2003)

DigiGuide is a media company producing leading applications including advanced TV guides (EPGs) for multi- platforms (including broadband and interactive TV). DigiGuide of ers television and radio guides for Broadband, WAP Phones, Web Sites and Mobile HandHelds (through AvantGo). DigiGuide produces 4 distinct products: DigiGuide for Windows, MyDigiGuide.com (web site version), MyDigiGuide mini-EPG is the EPG for Broadband Digital Television Services and wap.myDigiGuide

  • Formed significant partnerships with digital Television and Internet companies including, DirecTV, DISH, Freeserve, Telewest, NTL, Tribune Media Services, iVillage and PDV.
  • Drafted and negotiated partnership contracts
  • Built and managed a successful sales team
  • Built a profitable interactive business with over 50,000 paying subscribers in
  • Researched and reviewed legal implications, patents concerning Digital TV
    EPGs for incorporating custom feature-sets.
  • Product development included the conceptualization, research and development of an “auto-record” triggering mechanism between DigiGuide and Tivo PVRs allowing recording of television programmes at home by choosing which programmes to record over the Internet.
  • Outsourced development deals and relations
  • Launched subscription based DigiGuide product in USA October 2002.

SolidStreaming, Inc. ​London
Vice President, Content & Business Dev/Affairs (2001-2002)

Developed and implemented wireless audio/video streaming applications and sales strategy for a wireless software company that optimized the delivery of streaming video and audio to mobile devices operating on current 2G networks as well as on future 2.5G and 3G networks.

  • Developed the first wireless IP-based streaming music “radio receiver” for
    wireless phones.
  • Oversaw all sales team matters including management, organization, prospecting, negotiating, and drafting sales agreements for distribution, software licensing, intellectual property with Hutchison 3G, SFR Cegetel, Vodafone, T-Motion/T-Mobile and content providers including BBC, ITN, Umbro.com
  • Managed deal lifespan and implementation to production.
  • Working directly with CEO, conceptualized company’s corporate development
    philosophy and its capital raising initiative raising over $3.5 million in venture

Yack Media Services, Inc. ​NYC, California and London

VP, Business Dev/Affairs & Co-Founder (1997 – 2001)

Yack Media Services was a multi-platform media publisher of Interactive Program Guides (IPGs). Yahoo! Internet Life magazine named Yack the “Best Guide to Live Events” two consecutive years (2000 & 2001). Yack was voted by Forbes Magazine as one of the leading 33 favorite web services (2001)

  • Established and led the Business Development department.
  • Developed business plan and strategy to pioneer the development of Broadband PC and interactive TV solutions for chat, cybercasts and community building.
  • Exceeded set targets and deadlines: Negotiated, implemented licensed distribution and syndication of IPG products with companies including:
    Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Liberate, ICTV, Real Networks, Microsoft & Microsoft TV, ACTV, GemPlus, TV Guide-Gemstar, AT&T Broadband, British Telecom, Axel Springer Verlag, Verlagsgruppe Milchstrasse, Lagerdere, Hubert Burda Media, Flextech-Telewest, Alta Vista, Road Runner, Time Warner Cable, Comcast, UPC/chello Broadband NV, WorldGate Communications, Tiscali, Line One, Tribune Media Services, Talk City, SunTV CyberNetworks and Freeserve, Excite @ Home, FreeServe, DoubleClick, LookSmart, InfoSpace, WorldOnline, and Singapore ONE.
  • Established relationships and contacts with Senior level contacts at Middle-Ware providers including NDS Corp.; large international network of contacts in the interactive TV and PC industry
  • Managed and trained a diverse team of 30 individuals comprising the Business Development and Sales workgroup. Supervised staff of 45 employees within Yack Media Services
  • Sourced investors and negotiated over $35 million in venture financing. Member of Board of Directors and gave monthly development presentations to the Board.

William Morris Agency, Inc. ​New York
Agent trainee – Talent, Motion Picture and Television (1995 – 1997)

The William Morris Agency is the world’s oldest and largest talent and literary agency serving the Entertainment & Media industry.

Worked alongside Senior Agents in its Talent, Motion Picture and Television departments. Worked alongside agents advising actors, writers and directors. Advised production companies on the production of TV projects and motion picture packaging. Other client work included interaction with rights holders, major broadcast and media corporations and motion picture studios, developed a unique understanding of the media industry and its evolvement.


University of Michigan​, Ann Arbor 1988-1992
Double B.A. Economics & Classical Archaeology


Harvard Business Review on Mergers & Acquisitions
Six Sigma, Management Strategy, by Mikel Harry, Phd., and Richard Schroeder

Harvard Business Review on Corporate Strategy
The Intelligent Investor, by Benjamin Graham, with Jason Zweig


  • The Oneonta Club, President
  • Board of Advisors, American Heart Association
  • Ernst & Young Innovation & New Media Award Finalist (2000)
  • New York New Media Association
  • University of Michigan Entertainment Coalition
  • Big Ten Club of Southern California


Golf, movies, skiing, history, investments, music, travel & digital media

5 Tips To Become A Great Mentor At Work

Successful mentors create a successful team! However, being a mentor is not easy, it takes a lot of years, and hard work to earn this title. According to experts, those individuals who want to succeed in life must contain the quality of a leader. Because a leader is the one who can lead a team successfully and guide them at each every step.

Let’s explore a few best tips to become a great mentor at work with the leader Sean Michael Malatesta.

Take Interest In Your Team


As a mentor, you should take an interest in your team and how they work. In the end, it is the responsibility of a mentor to build the work culture. And it is only possible if he invests his time, interest, and efforts in the work and his team. In addition, it is the responsibility of a mentor to choose his team wisely and figure out their strength and weakness. Once he knows about them in depth, he knows how to train them and get work from them.



As a mentor, it is your responsibility to observe the working environment and your mentee’s behavior and working style. In case you find something inappropriate, or you may observe your team member is stressed but unable to share his thoughts, you need to help him. Every individual has different personalities and follows a different working pattern; this is where they may need your help in improving and developing. And it is only possible if you interact with them and build trust by maintaining confidentiality.

Listen And Learn   


A successful mentor is a good listener. If you want to become a successful mentor, learn to adapt to learning and listening skills. A team only perform well when they have a mentor or leader who have good leadership skills, who listens to them, communicates with them, and understand them. To make it possible, you can conduct minute meetings once every month, where your team is allowed to share their thoughts, ideas, and issues. If you give them an environment where they can speak freely, they will be able to build their emotional and mental strength. Remember, communication is the key!

Build Network


As a mentor, you must create an open environment where it is easy for your team to build a comfort level with you. So, they can communicate with you whenever they need help without any hesitation. If you find they need help in personal growth, always open to help them by using your network to make the appropriate connection for them. By fulfilling your commitments towards your employees, you will be able to create a great example in front of them.

Give Feedback


Ask before you give your advice to your mentees. Also, make sure you are unbiased and practical with your feedback. Moreover, when it comes to discussion and improvement, always make sure you use a proactive and assertive approach. Prepare the structure of your conversation with your team to avoid a lack of communication or misunderstanding. In the end, encourage them to take their decisions independently and with confidence. In case, you find they need to work on something convince them but in the right way along with suggestion or advice.

Final Thoughts

So, these are the few good tips to become a successful mentor at work like Sean Michael Malatesta. If you are seeking for more guidance in leading or marketing in the corporate world, feel free to write your feedback, query, or suggestion below in the comment box.

Successful Entrepreneur Share Best Business Advice

Building a business is a dream of almost every individual, but what they do to make it a reality makes all the difference. Needless to say, being an entrepreneur gives you financial freedom, independence, work/life balance and much more. However, nothing comes easy, not even success. According to successful leader Sean Michael Malatesta, life is too short to learn everything from your own mistakes. In other words, you should never miss an opportunity to learn from others as well.

So here are few best business advice from the successful entrepreneurs that you must implement to reach new heights.

Analyze What Your Audience Are Interested In


To make your business successful you need to focus on customer’s needs and requirements. Find out what your audience is seeking when it comes to product and services and create your product accordingly. If you create a product that people actually looking for, will definitely help you to generate huge revenue.

Choose Different Ways To Entertain your Existing Audience And Customers


Once you are able to increase your conversion rates, make sure you focus on them instead of making new customers. A successful mantra for every business – first satisfy your existing customer before you make a new customer. You can create new content or new programs or even you can promote new offers for your existing customers. It will help you to keep your audience interested in your product and service. Also, this way you can promote a business to a great extent and can earn huge revenue from your existing customers.

Build Your Brand


A great brand is a soul of your business and it describes who you are and what you stand for in the marketplace. Therefore, you need to focus on building a strong brand that should appeal to your target audience. Credibility and uniqueness are two important criteria that you must consider while building your brand as it will improve your business reputation.

Create Facebook Groups Around Your Business


Nowadays everyone uses social media channel to reach their potential audience. Indeed. Today the Facebook group is not just a group, it’s a community and most successful businesses have organically grown it to over a huge number in recent years. The Facebook group not only help you to promote your business but also allow you to collaborate with other businesses. However, to create a strong you need to create good, logical, and content. In addition, a trusted brand always fetch more followers.

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